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Printing & Packaging

   From some of the largest names in the software industry all the way down the line to some of the smallest local outfits, Failsafe has always prided itself in being able to work with customers of all sizes, to produce a high quality and cost effective product, designed to meet a great variety of customer's needs, no matter what the quantity requirement.

   At Failsafe, we provide high quality digital, offset sheet fed, or web printed pieces to compliment our media duplication or replication products. Between our in-house equipment and our partner plants, we have what it takes to meet all of your print needs. Thats right, whether you need 10 units or 10,000,000 units, our FULL SERVICE COMMERCIAL PRINTING & PACKAGING CAPABILITIES have you covered.

   In addition, we can provide packaging solutions in virtually any configuration of board stock products and have access to literally hundreds of standing dies to save you money. Of course, we also provide standardized plastic packaging such as DVD type cases and Jewel cases in many configurations and capacities.

   We have in-house capability to provide polyvinyl adhesive backed, standard CD/DVD sleeves, and Bind-ins. We also do in-house automated assembly and shrink wrapping for DVD Cases as well as for a variety of board stock sleeves. In short, we can provide an excellent variety of packaging options while turning projects around very quickly and cost effectively.

   We also are very willing to work closely with many of our customers other vendors and we are most willing to do as much or as little of a project as you choose. We currently ship many components and/or completed sub assemblies to plants that others would consider our competitors. We consider them nothing less than partners in achieving customer satisfaction that complements our mutual customer's needs.






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Introducing Web-Link from Failsafe Media: an attention-getting, affordable device that plugs into a USB port and automatically directs users to a web page of your choosing.

  • Increase gift card sales
  • Increase credit card applications
  • Grow eCommerce sales
  • Turn anonymous card users into customer relationships
  • Boost loyalty program membership
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