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Musicians' Special Offer!

    The world of massive audiences, performing live on TV and hearing your music on a top movie soundtrack can seem like a glamorous, distant dream. There is only one way to make it real, though, and that is to build the dream.

   In the highly competitive music world, having a professional CD and promotional package can be the thing that sets your band apart. Whether you're approaching record labels, promoting your music , trying to get a gig , or even if you're an indie record label trying to build interest in your bands, a quality CD rather than a few homemade MP3 samples will award you with markedly higher odds of getting heard.

   Only Failsafe Media offers:

  • CDR duplication (under 1000 pieces) or CD replication (1000+) with full color printed discs
  • 2 panel 4/1 front insert
  • 1 panel, 4/0 rear insert
  • Standard jewel case with black tray
  • Assembly
  • Overwrap

   All of this at a price that anybody with a passion for music and a dream can afford!

Quantity Leading Competition Prices Failsafe Media Company Price
250 $2.09 - $3.97 ea $1.99 ea or $497.50 total
500 $1.59 - $1.78 ea $1.49 ea or $745.00 total
1000 $0.83 - $1.09 ea $0.82 ea or $820.00 total
2500 $0.74 - $0.92 ea $0.73 ea or $1,825.00 total
5000+ Please Request a Quote or Call (800) 537-1919


   At Failsafe, we can strenghten your band or labels influence with industry standard packaging or even help you go wild with custom packaging to make a longer-standing impact on the music industry and your fans.

To place an order, discuss the
specifics of your project , or
request more information...


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Introducing Web-Link from Failsafe Media: an attention-getting, affordable device that plugs into a USB port and automatically directs users to a web page of your choosing.

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