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CDR, DVDR, & Blu Ray Duplication Equipment

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Receive 600 FREE CDR's with any duplication machine purchase!

CD DVD Copywriter  Duplicator image CD DVD Copywriter  Pro Duplicator image Blu Ray Copywriter Pro Duplicator image
CD DVD Copywriter CD DVD Copywriter Pro Blu Ray Copywriter Pro
From $599 From $659 From $759


Xpress XE Duplicator Image Xpress XP Duplicator Image Xpress XL Duplicator Image
XPress XE XPress XP XPress XL
From $8,059 From $14,717 From $22,095





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Introducing Web-Link from Failsafe Media: an attention-getting, affordable device that plugs into a USB port and automatically directs users to a web page of your choosing.

  • Increase gift card sales
  • Increase credit card applications
  • Grow eCommerce sales
  • Turn anonymous card users into customer relationships
  • Boost loyalty program membership


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