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About Failsafe Media Company

   Since 1983 Failsafe Media has provided full service media duplication to the Chicagoland area and beyond.

    Failsafe Media Company is a family owned and operated business with humble beginnings, duplicating 5 1/4" and 8" floppy diskettes. Remember those? We've come a long way in 29 years! We now offer CD Replication, CDR Duplication, DVD Replication, DVDR Duplication, Blu Ray Replication, Web-Link Duplication, USB Duplication, SD Card Duplication and all forms of flash memory products.

   We recently introduced our newest product, Web-Link by Failsafe. Web-Link is a cross platform marketing tool which integrates direct marketing with digital marketing. The Web-Link has produced remarkable ROI results for us, imagine what it could do for you.

   Our CD manufacturing capacity is 350,000 per day our DVD manufacturing capacity is 140,000 per day. Blu Ray, our newest optical product, capacity is 40,000 per day. We also provide CDR Duplication and DVDR Duplication for those times when even the largest customers have short run and "quick turn" requirements. We offer same day and next day service in the CDR Duplication and DVDR Duplication process up to 5000 pieces.

   To complement all our products, we offer printing, packaging products, kitting, warehousing and fulfillment.

   We are located outside of Chicago in Wauconda, Illinois.









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Introducing Web-Link from Failsafe Media: an attention-getting, affordable device that plugs into a USB port and automatically directs users to a web page of your choosing.

  • Increase gift card sales
  • Increase credit card applications
  • Grow eCommerce sales
  • Turn anonymous card users into customer relationships
  • Boost loyalty program membership
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